Finally work on the terrace in our new flat is finished and planting can begin. A great garden set-up firm, Zensai Gardens, did the ‘hardscapes’ for us: the pergola, deck, raised bed and tiled floor. I wanted the deck to be higher but that was turning out very expensive because of the amount of cement and work involved.

Altogether, Zensia turned out to be a bit expensive, although rightly so since their work is high quality.

Pergola and deck

Raised bed

Tiled floor


But to keep the overall cost down, I’ve asked another outfit, My Dream Garden, for help with the planting. I plan to grow a lot of vegetables, which My Dream Garden will set up for me. I’m also going to try growing fruit, starting with mandarin oranges, lemon and and lime. I already have the last two; planning to get the orange from a nursery in Lalbagh.

The lime flowered this summer but didn’t set fruit, perhaps due to lack of sun. The lemon is three years old but hasn’t yet flowered. I may have to wait a few more years for it to flower since it was planted from seed.



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