Rangoon creeper wins the vines war

Two creepers growing side by side in the neighbour’s garden, rangoon creeper and thunbergia,  naturally vied for space. The rangoon creeper lost out at first. I’ve already written about the thunbergia invading our garden, choking and almost destroying our palms, and generally playing havoc. On the neighbour’s side, it had overcome the rangoon creeper.

About 80 per cent of the thunbegia’s growth was on our side of the wall. When I had it removed, the neighbour’s cut down what was left of the thunbergia in their garden. This gave the rangoon creeper a new lease of life.

Subsequently, the thunbergia grew back and, being a fast grower, spread rapidly. But this time the rangoon creeper held its own, having taken advantage of the dormant period of the thunbergia. It  is now thriving in its corner and putting out a good showing of flowers. Quite a bit on of the creeper is on our side of the wall and is very welcome.

Rangoon creeper


Meanwhile, after being restricted, the thunbergia is starting to flower in drupes, which is its real beauty. Earlier, due to rampant foliage growth, the flowers appeared in ones and far apart.  Now it’s possible to enjoy the thunbergia, instead of resenting its rapacity.


I seem to have come up with a tongue-twister in this post’s title.


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